Deeper Pain

Deeper Pain

There is always a story behind every action we make and sometimes those actions are not our right choices because we are so young to make the right decisions. Alice is a young girl but at only thirteen years of age, was going through school and work at the same time. She worked hard to help herself through school because it is something that her parents could not afford. With the limited time of the day where she could sell things in the evening after school, she had no choice but to get back home late every day.

This world is full of predators in the face of men and one of them convinced this thirteen year old into acts that are more mature than she could ever be soon enough. With her situation, small gifts like clothes worked the magic. After all, she is a growing young girl who aspires to look as good as her peers. Seven months later, she was seven months pregnant when she found out that her actions really had some consequences that could ruin her. She was lucky enough not to show early on or should we call it unfortunate.

Chased out of school, she had to look for all the ways to get out of the problem she was in because I mean going to school had always been her dream and determination and also the reason why she worked so hard.

Poverty and ignorance can land people into trouble and Alice was just a survivor of a seven month baby abortion through a herbalist. She cried for days not only because of the pain but also the realization that she had voluntarily killed a real human being.

Alice’s life is no longer the same and not even school motivates her anymore but that is the sad reality of life. Sometimes it takes people through experiences they can never heal from and it is one of the reasons that lead our youth to more bad decisions like using drugs to forget their inner pains. But we as a society can do our best to ease on the burden that Alice and several other young girls like her are going through by offering them the counseling and support they deserve.

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