Vocational Training: GRM offers hands-on training in agriculture, entrepreneurship, and life skills, empowering rural young people to become self-sufficient and employable. 

Educational Support

Education is the key to social and economic development. Educated rural youth can access jobs so are not reliant upon unprofitable subsistence farming. Only through education can social problems such as AIDS, alcohol abuse, sexual inequality, and teenage marriages be tackled. Around 70% of Uganda’s population live in rural areas, where the majority of the population live as subsistence farmers. Both poverty and educational standards are at their worst in these communities. We target our investment here so as to help the most vulnerable and needy rural children.

Sending rural youth back to school

At GRM we strongly believe, that educating a rural youth means educating a whole society. If rural youth are able to go to school and receive a good education, they have more chances to compete in life, find paid employment, increase their health, and provide a better future for their children. We give educational support and vocational training to rural youth in Uganda. We equip rural youth with important trade skills to run a business sustainably and successfully.

Uganda is now a peaceful stable country and, more recently, has reduced the devastating effect of AIDS from 25% of the population to less than 7%. Healthcare has also improved significantly. This has had the effect of causing the population to grow at an alarming rate. Education is vital so that today’s children can learn new skills and not rely on simple, unsustainable subsistence farming.

GRM Training Centre under construction

Currently, We are looking for partners, sponsors, and donors to come on board and we make the GRM institute a reality for the rural people in our community. We can’t do this alone, we humbly request you, to be part of this initiative. Email us at: if you’re interested in such a program.