Community Engagement and Empowerment: GRM organizes community events, workshops, and campaigns, fostering social responsibility and community spirit among rural youth. Creating employment by supporting rural youth to start their own businesses to generate stable income and sustain themselves and their family.

Uganda has been ranked one of the world’s most entrepreneurial countries, an advantage offering much potential for youth to jump in and increase on their entrepreneurial activity. We enable rural youth in Uganda to start their own businesses and participate in existing markets by giving access to productive resources and training them in necessary skills to run their own business. Enhancing their employment possibilities for rural youth in Uganda does not only increase their chances in life, but also to Uganda´s economic growth.

Practicing Permaculture

Malnutrition and the lack of important nutrients is a fundamental cause for poor growth and lack of concentration of many Ugandan young people, which increases chances for school repetition and drop-outs. Especially at a young age, where the body and brain are at a permanent state of development, insufficient and unbalanced nutrition can cause major obstacles to a child’s life.  We encourage families and schools to practice permaculture, by growing vegetables and fruits in a sustainable way to boost on their nutrition and increase their savings. We train them in urban gardening by creating innovative kitchen- and school gardens using the small space of land that is available.